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General Facts

For Arizona

Arizona Buyers Agents - homes for sale

Median Household Income: $ 45,143
Income (w/children): $ 62,468
Population: 4,668,631
Land Area: 113,642 Square Miles
Population Density: 41 Person per Square Mile
Nickname: Grand Canyon State
State Capital: Phoenix
Date of Statehood: February 14, 1912
State Bird: Cactus Wren
State Flower: Blossom of the Saguaro Cactus
State Tree Paloverde


Arizona,  is a land of seemingly limitless space and tremendous vistas. Arizona was the last of the 48 adjoining continental states to enter the Union. From its admission on February 14, 1912, until the admission of Alaska and Hawaii in 1959, it was the youngest state.

Arizona’s landscape is one of great diversity. Sun-swept mountains and valleys, lofty plateaus, narrow canyons, and awesome stretches of desert make it one of the most beautiful states in the nation. This scenic beauty, coupled with an ideal climate, has made Arizona very popular with tourists.

Imperial Spain and, later, independent Mexico once controlled this land, and there the Native American, Spanish, and Anglo-American cultures met and fused. Although most of the Native Americans now live on reservations and Mexico and Spain long ago relinquished control of the area, traces of Arizona’s past still remain. The Native American culture has been preserved on the reservations, and Mexican and Spanish influences may be seen in architectural styles and place-names.

The name of the state is derived from the Native American word arizonac believed to mean "place of the small spring." Arizona is popularly known as the Grand Canyon State, after its most remarkable physical feature, the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River.

Arizona ranks 6th among the states in size. With an area of 114,006 square miles, including 364 square miles of inland water, it is almost as large as all of the New England states and New York combined. Arizona’s mean elevation is about 4100 feet. Roughly rectangular in shape, the state’s extreme dimensions are 392 miles from north to south and 341 miles from east to west. Most of the western border is formed by the Colorado River. The northeastern corner is the only place where four states meet: Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah.

Arizona’s healthful climate, with clear and sunny skies and dry weather, is one of the state’s chief assets. It not only attracts tourists but is often a delight to residents, especially those suffering from asthma and other respiratory complaints who find relief from dry air. But as in most developed areas, Arizona’s pristine air is threatened by pollution brought on by residential and industrial development. However, the sunny, clear climate permits such activities as building houses and grazing cattle year round. It has also been an important factor in the location of space observatories and aircraft and missile proving grounds in the state.