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Unfortunately a Montgomery, Illinois real estate professional has not been assigned to Homebuyer's Resource. Until a Illinois Realtor® is assigned, we will at no cost to you, utilize our directories to determine which agents should rank among the areas elite. Our initial list is based on the national certifications each Realtor® has obtained. Some certifications are company specific; some require very little effort, while others require years of experience, a high level of performance, and many hours in the classroom. Once we have a list of Realtors® who meet our experience and certification requirements, a member of our staff will begin the telephone interview process. During the interview process the IL real estate agent may be asked to explain how they would work with someone in your price range with your requirements. Once we locate an agent that meets our qualifications, with a pleasing and helpful personality, plus the time to properly assist you; they will be offered your name and contact information. Homebuyer's Resource will immediately email you the Realtor's® name and contact information. Within 24-hours the Realtor® should contact you by telephone or email. You are under no obligation to use the Realtor® we recommend. We screen - you decide. If you would like a member of our staff to recommend a Realtor®, click here.

According to a report commissioned the National Association of Realtors™ (NAR), less than 35% of all licensed real estate agents are legally authorized to use the title of Realtor®. The Realtor® designation is required by Homebuyer's Resource for a link or a listing. Another NAR report states that 10% of the Realtors® are responsible for 80% of all homes sales. Homebuyer's Resource utilizes trade publications to determine which agents are the most qualified. Experience is based on the information supplied by the Realtor® and reinforced by the certifications they hold. Homebuyer's Resource deems the resources it utilizes to be accurate, subject to errors and omissions, but it is unable to assume any liability for the misrepresentation or mistakes of others. 

In the process of researching real estate certification directories, we develop a list of Realtors® who meet our experience and educational requirements. To refine this list, we require each qualifying agent to have a meaningful Internet presence, plus a system for responding to email. This list is further reduced if these agents are not qualified or willing to act as buyer's agents. The members of this group who are full time agents with a minimum of five years of experience are inform of Homebuyer's Resource and the benefits of being listed. You benefit by making contact with a highly qualified real estate agent in Montgomery. We benefit from having the opportunity to introduce Homebuyer's Resource to a Realtor® that meets our requirements. This is a win-win service that benefits you, the agent, and Homebuyer's Resource. If you would like a member of our staff to recommend a Montgomery, Illinois real estate agent, click here.


Clifford L. Roe

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